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St. Aloysius Church, Jackson, N.J.

This church boasts what is believed to be the only standing-seam metal hyperbolic parabolic roof structure in the world.

"The standing-seam, hyperbolic parabolic roof structure was a wonderful aspect of this structure and it was important that its implementation be protected during the desig phase," said David McHenry, architect and partner at Erdy McHenry, Philadelphia. "Sometimes standing-seam roofs are value engineered out of a design but in this case it was not-a real testament to the people of this church.


"The design was executed for the imagery and aesthetics it projected of a meeting tent rising out of the ground. The four concrete buttresse represent the pegs of the tent anchoring the roof structure while the parabolic standing seam allows the 'tent' structure to soar.

The architect chose more than 37,00 square feet (3,437 m2) of 24-gauge Englert's Series 1300 17-inch (432-mm) standing-seam metal roof panels in Dove Gray for the roof.Despite the impressions of curves in the valley of the roof, no curved material was use and each panel was meticulously planned and installed, according to Brian Swathout of Excell Roofing. Pat McGinn of ADPI Inc., the standing-seam fabricator, worked closely with the architect and installer to make certain the panels could be cut to meet the requirements for the hyperbolic parabolic configuration.


Architect: Erdy McHenry, Philadelphia

Roofing contractor: Excell Roofing, Whiting, N.J.

Fabricator: ADPI Inc., Avenel, N.J.

Metal roof panels: Englert Inc., Perth Amboy, N.J.,