St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Roanoke, Va.

At St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, The Durable Restoration Co. removed the original slate roof on the church and replaced it with new slate from the same quarry using the same size and cut pattern as the original. This included the center spire’s copper and slate cladding and all ornamental copper elements on the roof. Durable Restoration re-pointed the entire church using historically correct lime mortars. The lime motors were matched for similar compression strength and water permeability. Stone repairs were completed, as well.

Durable Restoration removed each piece of copper and cataloged them in relation to where they were removed from on the spire and roof. Each new piece was then replicated in the exact size and shape as the original by hand. Most pieces were hand soldered together for strength and watertightness. The pieces were hoisted up to be placed back on the spire in the exact locations as the original pieces. As a result, the restored spire and roof have the same quality of material and workmanship as the original that was installed in 1900.

To replicate copper detail work on the spire and throughout the roof, Chicago Metal Supply and Fabrication Inc. and Ornametals Manufacturing LLC fabricated, and Durable Restoration installed, 1,000 pounds of 20-ounce copper. Chicago Metal Supply fabricated decorative parts of a copper center spire. Ornametals fabricated a crenelated copper ridge cap. Each piece was custom fabricated and hand soldered in place to ensure a watertight fit.

Additionally, Durable Restoration installed 1/4- inch- to 3/8-inch-thick Buckingham slate. Each piece was hand cut to match the original size and shape.