Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, East Elmhurst, N.Y.

Photo: Tom Sibley/Wilk Marketing Communications

Photo: Tom Sibley/Wilk Marketing Communications

The project scope for three interconnected buildings at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology included installation of building envelope sound insulation, renovations, re-programming and system upgrades. The renovation project included the college’s main, one-story facility built in 1940, classroom building built in 1983, two-story classroom building, hangar and a 65-foot observation tower built in 1997. The project also included interior renovations and a new, two-story library.

John Ciardullo Associates specified CENTRIA’s composite aluminum panels with horizontal corrugation on the exterior to mitigate sound, represent the college’s aerospace focus and unify the campus’ exterior architecture.

Stalco Construction Inc. installed 7,100 square feet of CENTRIA’s MRI 36 aluminum panels on the walls. Four types of metal wall panels clad the exterior. Stalco Construction installed CENTRIA’s corrugated rib metal wall panels, CENTRIA’s 3.5- inch thick MR3-36 metal wall panels, 3A Composites USA Inc.’s 1/4-inch thick, Alucobond metal composite material (MCM) flat panels around windows and CENTRIA’s flat, 2-inch Formawall Dimension Series MCM panels on the west end of the building, which is visible from the highway and La Guardia Airport.

Additionally, Stalco Construction installed 3,600 square feet of CENTRIA’s corrugated metal decks with sheer studs on the roofs as part of the acoustical mitigation roofing system. New windows in the main building were installed with Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ tinted Triple- Glazed Airspaced Windows.

Steel elements added to existing steel structures above existing roofs are commonly referred to as stub-ups. Stub-ups were added to buildings where the original roofing was left in place to protect the interiors during construction and accelerate the sound mitigation slab construction process. Some roofs were completely removed and replaced. Stub-ups were used to elevate the new acoustical roof above the existing roof for additional sound insulation. Builders added the new structural steel deck above the existing roof after the stub-ups were in place. The new deck consisted of a corrugated metal deck with sheer studs welded to the deck and embedded in concrete poured over the entire metal deck and other structural slabs. The stub-ups are high enough to provide the required air gap between the new concrete roof and the pre-existing roof and create the required sound insulation.

Steel and aluminum panels were utilized as architectural accents in the interiors, which created a visual connection to the exterior. The interior is visually connected with the exterior by Wheeling Corrugating Co.’s exposed corrugated metal deck ceilings in several interior spaces including the main lobby atrium and new atrium adjacent to the library, a polished steel reception and security desk in the main lobby and curved aluminum enclosures on columns in the student services office lobby.

Initial design work focused on providing sound insulation and mitigation through revisions to exterior envelopes including the roofs, walls and windows. Extensive revisions to ventilation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and related interior construction work under the roofs due to the extent of the roof and wall construction prompted the owner to upgrade facilities, improve interior layout and functionality and modernize the 83-year-old private college’s main campus.

More than 1,700 students attend Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, which is located 200 feet from the end of a runway at La- Guardia Airport in New York City. The $40 million, 104,000-square-foot project took three years and was completed in November 2014.

Owner: Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, East Elmhurst
General contractor/installer: Stalco Construction Inc., New York City
Construction manager: Ensign Engineering PC, New York City
Architect/interior designer: John Ciardullo Associates, New York City
Acoustics consultant: Peter George Associates, Haddonfield, N.J.
Metal ceiling system: Wheeling Corrugating Co., Wheeling, W.Va.
Metal roof/wall panels: CENTRIA, Moon Township, Pa.,
Metal wall panels: Alucobond by 3A Composites USA Inc., Davidson, N.C.,
Windows: Wausau Window and Wall Systems, Wausau, Wis.,