Transportation & Aviation

Volo Aviation, Stratford, Conn.

Designed to house privately owned commuter jets, this 48,000-square-foot facility provides a fixed base of operations for a jet-leasing company. Industrial Building Systems LLC used a Continuous Truss framing system from Varco Pruden Buildings for the ultra-efficient hangar with a 280-foot clear span. The hangar, capable of housing as many as 10 jets, has a 215-foot-wide mechanically operated door.

The builder used two different roof systems, a SSR and SLR, both from Varco Pruden. The 3,000-square-foot flight operations portion of the structure includes a reception area and lounges for passengers, pilots and crew. It has a wing-like SLR roof supported by skewed columns.

The hangar area includes a 5,000-square-foot office component on a mezzanine level and mechanical support spaces at grade. The highly reflective epoxy hangar floor shows off the aircraft to great advantage, while celebrating the operating room conditions that surround the jet fleet maintenance.

Varco Pruden also supplied the Panel Rib wall panels in Zinc Grey. Exterior materials include aluminum, stainless steel, corrugated metal and translucent polycarbonate insulating wall panels.

Builder: Industrial Building Systems LLC,
Shelton, Conn.
Architect: Beinfield Architecture PC,
Norwalk, Conn.
Metal building, roof and wall panels: Varco
Pruden Buildings, Memphis, Tenn.,