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Projects showcase design flexibility of curtainwalls

Curtainwalls can make a statement on any project, whether it's used in punched opening applications or spanning multiple floors. The high-performance systems, usually made up of aluminum and glass, allow for natural light to enter a building. A non-structural part of the building envelope, curtainwalls are designed to carry their own weight while taking into design considerations such as building sway and movement, water diversion, thermal expansion and contraction, and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling and lighting. They are also engineered to protect the interior from the elements, while creating a comfortable environment for the building occupants.

Here's a few recent projects that showcase a variety of curtainwall systems.


Simple, modern apartments offer scenic views

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Opened in July 2015, the Verde Pointe Apartments in Arlington, Va., consists of two buildings-a 10-story building with 162 apartments, and a low building with a parking garage, grocery store and 39 residential units. The simple and modern apartments solve a rising need for residences near the Courthouse Metro Station.

Inspired by the surrounding cityscapes of neighboring Alexandria and Washington, D.C., architect Antunovich Associates, Arlington, Va., designed the tower to offer residents panoramic views from its living spaces. To achieve LEED Gold certification while still incorporating a large amount of glass to capture the most scenic views possible, the architect specified energy-efficient solutions for the project, including Austell, Ga.-based YKK AP America Inc.'s YES SSG TU vent windows, YCW 750 OGP curtainwall, YOW 225 TU operable windows, 350T terrace doors and YWW 50T window wall system.

The vent windows seamlessly coordinate with the window wall, making it practically invisible from a distance. Meanwhile, the curtainwall is used on the tall openings of the grocery store on the building's ground floor, allowing it to consume lower energy. The operable windows, terrace doors and window wall system all increase thermal efficiency.

Emmitsburg Glass Co., Emmitsburg, Md., installed the glazing products quickly, allowing the project to meet tight deadlines. The project has received overwhelming positive responses from neighbors. In addition to providing a much-needed modern update to the area, it alleviated the need for a standalone neighborhood grocery store and new residential living spaces.


Drug store reflects Hawaiian culture

a design statement, metal construction news, october 2016, marcy marro, honolulu walgreens

The flagship Walgreens store in Honolulu, Hawaii, reflects Hawaiian culture in a modern design, an impressive accomplishment for Honolulu-based Architects Hawaii Ltd. To represent the flow of the ocean and mountains and representing a traditional Hawaiian canoe hale, or "house" design, the curtainwall features glass and intersecting metal cladding. The hales have no walls to allow wind to move through, so the architects wrapped the building in Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Guardian Industries' SunGuard SuperNeutral 54 on CrystalGray glass to replicate that openness and give shoppers views of the nearby mountains.

In addition to providing clear views, the SunGuard SuperNeutral 54 on CrystalGray glass provides the structure with a visible light transmission of 39 percent and low reflectivity, maintaining the architects' intent to imitate an open-air space. Seattle-based Northwestern Industries, an independent Guardian Select fabricator, fabricated the glass, and Salt Lake City-based Steel Encounters, a Glazier Connection member, installed the glass in Norcross, Ga.-based Kawneer Co. Inc.'s 1600 System 2 Curtain Wall.

The project has won multiple awards, including the Grand Award for New Commercial Projects of more than 15,001 Square Feet from the Building Industry Association; the U.S. Design and Development Gold Award from the International Council of Shopping Centers, and the Best of the Best Award-Retail Store Design from the International Council of Shipping Centers VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement).

Photo: Max C. Kim/Bad Moon Saloon


Crisp, clean lines define luxury auto headquarters

a design statement, metal construction news, october 2016, marcy marro, honolulu walgreens

When Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) needed a new headquarters for its progressive vision, a location at the Atlanta Aerotropolis was deemed to be the perfect fit. The company integrated its financial, sales and technical facilities, along with its Technical Service and Training Center in a 200,000-square-foot building. The site also features a road course for vehicle performance demonstration.

Designed by HOK Architects, Atlanta, the building features crisp, clean lines, sleek glass and complex geometric shapes to form the façade and to match the high-quality aesthetics delivered by Porsche. The company was concerned with performance, and in particular, acoustical performance drove many of the project's product specifications.

To help the building achieve design direction and performance needs, products from Kawneer Co. Inc., Norcross, Ga., and Reynobond aluminum composite material (ACM) panels by Alcoa Architectural Products Inc., Eastman, Ga., were used throughout. Kawneer's curtainwall systems provide a contemporary, light-filled workplace that promotes collaboration and inspires creativity.

Abrams Architectural Products, Austell, Ga., fabricated and installed 80,000 square feet of 4-mm Reynobond aluminum composite material (ACM) panels with a FR core in custom painted Sparkling Pearlescent White and 10,000 square feet of 4-mm Reynobond ACM panels with a FR core in custom painted Cosmic Gray. The panels were installed in a custom rainscreen installation system over the entire façade and on soffits, entryway and columns.

Kawneer supplied its 1600UT System1 Curtain Wall, 1600UT System2 Curtain Wall, 1600 Sloped Glazing, 1600 Wall System1 Curtain Wall and 350 Medium Stile Entrances for the project. Glass Systems Inc., Lithonia, Ga., was the glazing fabricator and installer for the Kawneer products, which were all finished in painted Sunstorm Silverstorm and Graphite Gray.

To create a distinctive aesthetic quality, the Reynobond ACM panels work with the Kawneer products and cover the soffits, columns, entryways and a large portion of the overall façade. The panels' formability lends to the complex geometric shape and the unique, pearlescent and cosmic colors create eye-catching beauty, heightening the overall allure of the building façade.

With its contemporary looks and high performing features, Porsche's new headquarters is helping the company build a solid foundation for expansion in a worldwide market. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., Atlanta, was the general contractor for the LEED Gold-certified building. The project received the 2015 Project of the Year award from ENR Southeast-Best Projects Award and the 2015 Project of the Year award from the Construction Management Association of America, South Atlantic Chapter.

Photo Courtesy of Kawneer, (C) Bob Perzel


New complex conveys transparency, community connection

a design statement, metal construction news, october 2016, marcy marro, honolulu walgreens

Kalamzoo, Mich.'s new $23 million Gull Road Justice Complex opened in March 2016. Designed by TowerPinkster, Kalamazoo, along with HOK, St. Louis, the 85,000-square-foot, three-story building improves operational collaboration through efficiencies in space, design and function. The architecture firm worked with the county to design a facility that conveys transparency and community connection, while providing a secure and functional structure.

The new building consolidates a number of offices and departments, including the probate and juvenile courts. It also houses the family division of the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, and includes judges' chambers, hearing rooms, courtrooms, holding rooms, and offices for the court clerk, Friend of Court and county prosecutor. Constructed on 7.3 acres of vacant land, the new justice complex is linked to the Juvenile Detention Center via an enclosed walkway.

For the project, the architectural team chose a variety of systems from Wausau, Wis.-based Tubelite Inc. Working with construction manager AVB Inc., Portage, Mich., Double O Supply & Craftsmen Inc., Byron Center, Mich., installed more than 14,400 square feet of Tubelite's curtainwall and storefront on the interior and exterior, along with Tubelite's entrance systems and exterior sunshades. And, Wausau-based Linetec, finished all of Tubelite's aluminum framing, doors and sun shades in a Class 1 clear anodize for long-term durability with minimal maintenance.

Exterior building materials tie into the adjacent juvenile center, while blending with the surrounding neighborhood. TowerPinkster specified Tubelite's 400 Series curtainwall as the basis for the design to ensure the desired look and performance. Additionally, the team chose Tubelite's T1400 Series storefront, Max/Block sunshades, E4500 Series (INT45 Interior Flush Glaze Framing) interior framing and Wide Stile Doors.

Tubelite's curtinwall wraps the north and west elevations, with portions topped in clerestory windows using Tubelite's 4.5-inch-deep storefront system. At the main north entrance, an 8-inch-deep curtainwall soars 32 feet high and is installed in angled segments to form a concave curvature. Inside, the secured vestibules are comprised of Tubelite's 8-inch-deep curtainwall and 8-foot-tall Wide Stile Doors.

On the south elevation's mostly brick exterior, a 52-foot-tall staircase tower formed with Tubelite's 8-inch-deep curtainwall creates a transparent connection between inside and outside. Additionally, a small portion of the ground floor also uses the same system. Throughout the south and east elevations, large openings-mostly 4 by 8 feet with some as large as 8 by 8 feet-allow for daylight and views. Each features Tubelite's 4.5-inch-deep storefront filled with a 20-inch airfoil sunshade to manage unwanted heat gain, lower cooling costs and allow natural light.

To decrease the demand for electric lighting and reduce HVAC loads, Tubelite's curtainwall and storefront systems feature Solarblue glass from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. Thompson I.G. LLC, Fenton, Mich., fabricated the insulated glass units, where the sparkling, light, sky-blue appearance balances high visible light transmittance of 50 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.49. Security glazing was required at the ground level and in designated areas.

Photo courtesy of Double O Supply & Craftsmen Inc. and AVB Inc.