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Butterfly Effect


Woodcrest July18 1 Low Rez

In a high-crime area, the Butterfly Sculpture on the outdoor plaza at Woodcrest Library in Westmont, Calif., serves as an extension of the library, inviting young minds to be nourished. Designed and fabricated by Pasadena, Calif.-based Swift Lee Office, where the sculpture is an inspiring symbol of change and a connection to nature. The 2,200 metal pieces are woven into mesh resting on flower-inspired tubular forms. Stainless steel from Millennium Forms, Elkhorn, Wis., in Peacock and Natural was used for its iridescent and reflective qualities. Los Angeles-based Mackone Development Inc. and Swift Lee Office installed the sculpture.

Millennium Forms, Elkhorn, Wis.,

Photos: Elon Schoenholz