Metal Building Systems Meet Ever-Changing Customers’ Needs

Metal building systems are an excellent solution for the many requirements that customers are looking for in today’s construction landscape. Many markets are seeing rapid construction growth due to how society is changing.

Offering flexibility in square footage, heating and cooling choices, and future expansion

By Kimberly Imm

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Knowing which markets are trending and the ways in which steel buildings solve customers’ needs can put you at an advantage in securing a bid and getting the job.

U.S. Manufacturing and Growing Markets

Numerous markets in the construction industry are rapidly increasing in the United States and North America due to the trend of bringing back domestic manufacturing, rather than the foreign production of goods. In addition to manufacturing and warehousing facilities themselves, other markets have seen similar growth. Due to factors like convenience, COVID-19 and competitive pricing, e-commerce has continued to drive demand for distribution and transportation facilities, such as truck terminals and vehicle maintenance shops. Any building that either provides or supports transportation and warehousing is in demand today. Metal buildings are ideal for these markets because they offer flexibility in square footage, heating and cooling choices, and allow for future expansion.

In addition to these manufacturing-related markets, due to a global focus on sustainability, other expanding categories include renewable energy markets, such as solar and wind. Wind energy production, specifically windmill production plants, is an evolving market on the Eastern Seaboard. Solar structures, including parking garages, solar farms, canopies and charging stations are all increasing, especially in the Western United States.

Moreover, consumer demand has led to the growth of private aviation and has therefore created the necessity for new airplane hangars and aircraft maintenance facilities. Allowing for large, open, clear spans, flexibility in layout, and the opportunity for custom hangar doors and specialty equipment makes metal buildings a perfect fit for the aviation market.

To reduce or eliminate foreign dependence, microchip production facilities are also an active market, as America looks to bring that production back into the United States. Additionally, due to society’s rise in consumption and generation of data, data centers are another emerging market within the country for metal buildings.

The desire for American-made is two-fold, in addition to general consumers trending toward purchasing American-made products, metal building customers are looking for American-made steel. Today, choosing a metal building system manufacturer that utilizes American-made steel can make a difference in securing a job or not. Buy-American in this global economy is a real consideration. It creates jobs and opportunities for everyone—a meaningful importance to today’s generations.

Fast and Customizable

Metal building systems are ideal for most markets. For one, metal buildings can be quicker to construct than traditional construction or the refurbishment of older facilities. Choosing a metal building manufacturer that designs, details and manufactures the entire structure from one source makes it easier for contractors, and creates shorter lead times than conventional construction methods. Typically, a metal building system is quicker to get to the fabrication phase, as well as quicker to erect once on-site. And when compared to a conventional structure, a metal building can withstand years of use and climate exposure without sacrificing integrity.

Secondly, metal building systems are versatile, allowing for fully customized solutions. Choosing a metal building system allows the end user the ability to have a structure exactly the way they want it, making their operation more efficient and competitive. Building renovations can be costly and often force the end user to compromise their operational layout to fit the existing space.

Kimberly Imm is a marketing specialist for Nucor Buildings Group, Waterloo, Ind.; Bob Barry is a national account sales manager for Nucor Buildings Group; and Justin Ehlert is Nucor Corp.’s SME for data centers and mission critical and is on Nucor Buildings Group’s national account team. To learn more, visit

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