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Metal Buildings Combine into Dealership

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Multiple metal building systems, roofs and floors create various spaces

In eastern New York, there's an expansive recreational vehicle (RV) dealership built with multiple metal building systems.In eastern New York, there's an expansive recreational vehicle (RV) dealership built with multiple metal building systems. By abandoning the original plan to construct the building with structural steel, the owners of Albany RV in Latham, N.Y., reduced the total cost of the project while maintaining requirements for spaces that accommodate a variety of functions.

Latham-based Bette and Cring Construction Group proposed the switch to metal building systems, in part to reduce cost. Six metal building systems and four roof types were utilized for the 40,000-square-foot project, which was completed in October 2014. Thomas Owens, PE, LEED AP BD+C, project manager at Bette and Cring Construction, says this created various flashing details and terminations.

"For example, the standing seam metal roof ran into a vertical EIFS wall, so there was a flashing there, and that had to be figured out," Owens says. "In another spot, we had metal wall panel that ran into a rubber roof. We had rubber roof running into EIFS, and then we also had a different type of metal roofing running into both EIFS and rubber roof. We had about five different types of intersections from roof to wall. So it was a lot of unusual intersections and angles."

In eastern New York, there's an expansive recreational vehicle (RV) dealership built with multiple metal building systems.Albany RV is northwest of Interstate 87, and the owners didn't want the roofs on their dealership to appear obtrusive from the roadway. "The idea was they didn't want somebody to see a lot of roof," Owens says. "So it's all very low profile roofing."

Derek Gribulis, president at Cotler Architecture DPC, Latham, designed the dealership, which includes office space, a repair shop, showroom and outdoor retail store. Like Bette and Cring Construction, Gribulis says the project was the most intricate involving multiple metal building systems his firm has completed. It was Cotler Architecture's first project with a metal building and flat, rubber roof. "Most of the time I design them so they have metal roofing that is 2:12 slope," he says. "But in this case a good portion of it is a 1/4-inch per foot slope with a single-ply rubber roof, which appears flat."

In eastern New York, there's an expansive recreational vehicle (RV) dealership built with multiple metal building systems.Owens says the project was the most complex one with multiple metal building systems his company as completed. "We've done projects where there were multiple metal buildings, but generally it's one box butting into another box. This was the first project where we had multiple elevations, multiple shapes, multiple roof systems, multiple floor systems. It was interesting to find out that the metal building companies had the capability of doing this for us."

Herkimer, N.Y.-based Tioga Building Co. Inc. erected the six metal building systems, engineered and supplied by Houston-based Metallic Building Co. Additionally, Metallic Building supplied jack beams, tube column framing, tube spandrel beams, BattenLok roof panels, B-deck roof panels for a rubber membrane roof system and heavy, roof-mounted point loads to support the HVAC equipment.

"There's a portion of the building that's one story and rectangular, a portion that's long and slender and three stories, and then there's the showroom that has tall clear spans and chamfered corners," Gribulis says. "Each entrance has its own metal building system that's attached to the outside of these other primary metal buildings. It's a complicated shape because it had a lot of program features that required quite a bit of intricate shapes; it's not rectangular."

In eastern New York, there's an expansive recreational vehicle (RV) dealership built with multiple metal building systems.Gribulis says switching from conventional steel to metal building systems changed the design in terms of foundations. "The primary super structure, various roofs and exterior walls are part of the metal building system," he says. "We just had to re-look at the foundations because there's a different kind of reaction on them than regular steel. So we modified them to fit the system."

Interstate 87 is also known as Adirondack Northway. One project goal was to incorporate Adirondack-style architecture and its use of large timbers. "The intent was to create a new RV dealership with a splash of Adirondack-style architecture while providing large clear spans in the building," Gribulis says. "The metal building by Metallic allowed us to keep the project on budget while still meeting the original design intent."

Gribulis says he was pleased with how the quality of spaces turned out, including some simulated forest and cave scenes in the showroom. "It kind of feels like you're in a little pocket of woods. They are designed to simulate the outdoors in keeping with the Adirondack RV theme."

Owens says now that he's aware multiple metal building systems can be combined in these ways, he anticipates more opportunities for his company to use them. "Especially when we get design-build projects, we would certainly think of getting pricing in both conventional steel and pre-engineered metal building because we know they can do almost anything," he says.

Albany RV, Latham, N.Y.
Owner: RVOne Superstores Inc., Latham
General contractor: Bette and Cring Construction Group, Latham,
Architect: Cotler Architecture DPC, Latham,
Erector: Tioga Building Co. Inc., Herkimer, N.Y.,
Metal building systems: Metallic Building Co., Houston,