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Modern Trade Communications updates its websites to be more responsive to on-the-go contractors and architects

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The Metal Directory website can be accessed simply from your phone or tablet.
When I first started working at construction magazines as a writer we didn’t have email, Google or our own websites. We did our research primarily be calling people, and we spent countless hours on the phone talking to sources and getting more information.

In retrospect, I’m not actually certain how we were able to do the job without the modern advantages of the Internet. Today, everyone has access to so much information that it can be overwhelming.

Making it worse is the technology has improved to the point where outdated websites are difficult to navigate and hard to use. That’s why Modern Trade Communications has invested in updating all of its websites:,, and

You’ll find these sites are much more accessible with improved layouts, larger images and more dynamic structures. Construction features will show details of construction more clearly, and design features will allow users to get a better understanding of the elements of the project. Sitting at your desk, the new websites will give you entree to the entire world of metal construction and, we hope, inspire and inform you.

The new Metal Construction News website offers more easily accessed content

But most importantly, we’ve made it easier for you to access this information when you’re away from your desk and on the job site or on the road. The new websites are mobile responsive, so when you’re viewing them on a phone or tablet, they will adapt to your viewing screen instead of crunching the desktop design down to fit your iPhone or Android. The information will remain legible and clear.

We’re excited about our new websites and looking forward to figuring out ways we can improve our service to you, our readers and the metal construction industry as a whole.

Check out the new websites and let me know what you think.