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Paint and Coating Guide

Paints and coatings aid panel appearance and durability. The following charts highlight some of their attributes.

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Photo Courtesy of CENTRIA

Paints and coatings provide beautiful topcoats, durable surfaces, innovative applications, green benefits and cost savings. They are highly engineered, specialized products that can be formed into many shapes and angles for diverse applications. But, not all paints and coatings are created equal. With a wide variety available, we assembled a paint and coating guide listing descriptions and attributes of nine of the most common. Careful consideration of these factors before choosing can assist with installation and help determine the best product for projects. To learn more, consult the contributing companies listed below the charts.

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Coating and Paint Guide Contributors

Chris Klein
Coatings Manager
Moon Township, Pa.

Dan Knight
Vice President and General Manager
Dura Coat Products Inc., an Axalta Coatings Systems company
Riverside, Calif.

David Cocuzzi
Technical Director
National Coil Coatings Association

Phil Buhr
Product Manager, Coil and Building Products
PPG Industrial Coatings Group

Beckers Group
Berlin, Germany

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings