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Top Metal Roofers 2013The Metal Construction News' Top Metal Roofers for 2013 demonstrates the results of an improving business. Among our leaders, they experienced a 23 percent increase in the square footage of metal roofs installed in 2013 over 2012. That increase was buoyed across the board with only a couple of our leaders showing a decline. In previous years, overall they may have experienced increases in square footage, but it often is undermined by several companies reporting declines. Not in 2013. Only two of the companies reported a decline over 2012, while several others showed vigorous growth.

In conversation with several of these companies, it's clear that the increase is coming from an increase in the number of projects as well as a small increase in the size of the projects. If the industry continues to grow, it will have to do so through more projects.

All of the companies are located in the United States in 2013, and most of the large companies are very strong in their regions but have little national scope.

Of particular interest to follow in future studies will be the consolidation up and down the supply chain. Those companies that are the largest are, increasingly, becoming their own material suppliers, so they control the entire distribution channel and have complete control over the end product. This is a phenomenon that is occurring throughout the building product environment among many product lines.

As capital for investment becomes more readily available, will companies begin to invest in their own plants? Will manufacturers tighten relationships with their best contractors and move to a kind of installed sales program? No matter what the future holds, congratulations to the Top Metal Roofers for 2013 for their sustained success and growth.


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Fun Facts:


Average Square Footage 2012: 394,260 square feet
Average Square Footage 2013: 484,828 square feet
Percent Increase: 23 percent
Company with the largest percent increase in square footage from 2012 to 2013: Saga Roofing & Construction Inc., Broken Arrow, Okla. (140 percent)
Company with the largest actual increase in square footage from 2012 to 2013: MarKim Erection Co., Burlington, N.C. (397,200 square feet)
Oldest company founded: Branco Enterprises, Neosho, Mo. (1933)
Newest company founded: Absolute Metal Roofs, Wilmington, N.C. (2010)




Absolute Metal Roofs
Wilmington, N.C.
Michael Escalera
Residential and commercial metal roofing sales and installation

Action Roofing Inc.
Torrance, Calif.
Robert F. Osborn Jr., William L. Pogge
New construction, sheet metal roofs and all other sheet metal

A-Lert Roof Systems, a division of Centurion Industries Inc.
New Braunfels, Texas
Kenneth Tharp, Brad Parish, Loren Troyer, Brad Parish
Manufacturer, installer and supplier of metal roofing in retrofit, new construction and components

Bend-Fab Sheet Metal Roofing
Milton, Pa.
Todd Ross, Tom Ross
Metal roof fabrication and installation

Branco Enterprises Inc.
Neosha, Mo.
New construction, metal buildings, concrete, sitework, carpentry, metal roofing, piping, framing

Bristol Engineered Metals LLC
Duluth, Ga.
Keith Jansen, Mark Jansen
Metal roofing, metal siding, ACM, architectural louvers, architectural sheet metal, Loadmaster,
Tectum, aluminum plate

Distinctive Roofing Systems LLC
Weatherford, Texas
Pam Pinkerton, Bill E. Pinkerton
Steep-slope residential metal roofing

DKG & Associates Inc.
Albuquerque, N.M.
Deborah Kelly Good, Weldon C. Good
New metal roofing, retrofits and re-roofing

Eastern Corp.
Marietta, Ga.
Peter Kim, Hoon Kim
Metal roofing, metal wall

Hippo Roofing LLC
Melbourne, Fla.
Mona G. Stillwell
Metal residential re-roofers

LaFave's Construction
Landis, N.C.
Joe LaFave
General contractor, retrofit metal roofing, new metal roofing, metal roofing

MarKim Erection Co.
Burlington, N.C.
Reginald Moore, Mark Bailey, Kimberly Mullis
New metal roofing

McKee Construction Co.
Sanford, Fla.
Robert F. VonHerbulis
Full-service, design-build general contractor with a full-service pre-engineered metal roofing division
and specialization in retrofit work

Metalmaster Roofmaster
McHenry, Ill.
Michael V. Smeja, Daniel F. Smeja
New construction roofing, re-roofing, green roofing, architectural sheet metal, standing seam metal
roofing, custom sheet metal fabrication, metal wall panel systems and service and maintenance

Rainier View Construction & Roofing
Auburn, Wash.
Don Prociw, Tracey Prociw
New metal roofing, reroofing

Saga Roofing & Construction Inc.
Broken Arrow, Okla.
Vlad Galushkin, Tagir Safarov
New metal roofing, reroof and retrofit metal roofing. Metal wall cladding, soffit and fascia,
gutter and downspouts