Can We Solve the Labor Shortage?

Paul Deffenbaugh

I’m working on the Top Metal Builder article, and one thing has become increasingly clear. We ask the question. “What is the biggest challenge your business faced in 2015,” and the overwhelming majority of responses addressed the shortage of skilled labor. In fact, some respondents talked about the shortage of any labor, skilled or unskilled.

I’ve thought about the question quite a bit, and we’ve addressed it a couple of times in Metal Construction News. National Roofing Contractors Association executive director Bill Good spoke of it here. And I gave my views here.

But we’d like to hear your views. What do you think the root of the issue is, and what can we, as an industry, do about it? Is the labor shortage a solvable problem?

I’m sitting on a panel at the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors annual meeting at the end of May, and I’d like to represent your views on this. Comment below, or drop me an email.