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Drexel Metals publishes Care & Maintenance guidelines

Customers choose painted standing seam metal roofing systems for a lot of reasons, but one reason is assuredly to take advantage of the long lifetime expectancy. Drexel Metals has published the Care and Maintenance Guidelines brochure to offer advice on maintaining the long-term aesthetic and protecting properties of the factory finish.

“Metal roofing, including the paint system, is designed to withstand the elements for decades,” says Brian Partyka, Executive Vice-President of Business Development at Drexel Metals. “While these systems are manufactured to be practically maintenance-free, we recognize that some end-users will feel the need to clean their metal roofing panels. It’s important they have information about safe and acceptable methods to remove dirt, debris or fungal growth. Some traditional cleaning products can be harmful to the finish and their use on painted metal roofing may affect the warranty.”

Care and Maintenance Guidelines covers recommended products and step-by-step instructions to best cleaning practices, including the care for Galvalume roofing in salt environments as well as scratches to the finish.

Care and Maintenance Guidelines can be obtained from a Drexel Metals representative or by visiting the Drexel Metals website at www.drexelmetals.com.