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AISC honors top structural steel industry professionals

Daniel R. DiMicco, John M. Kulicki, Tom Ferrell, Louis F. Geschwindner, James O. Malley, Alexander D. Wilson, Robert J. Conner, W. Samuel Easterling, Eric Hines, Keith Landwehr, Jim McMinimee, and John Parucki will be recognized by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of the structural steel design and construction industry. Whether it’s for an innovative design, an insightful technical paper, or a lifetime of outstanding service, these individuals are recognized for making a difference in the industry and will be presented with distinguished AISC awards at the 2012 NASCC: The Steel Conference

The Robert P. Stupp Award for Leadership Excellence and the J. Lloyd Kimbrough Award are two of AISC’s highest honors and are rarely presented.

  • Daniel DiMicco, chairman and chief executive officer of Nucor Corporation, is the recipient of the Robert P. Stupp Award for Leadership Excellence. DiMicco is recognized as an exemplary leader in the steel construction industry for his significant market breakthrough initiatives and advocacy of domestic manufacturing jobs. As a former member of the AISC Board of Directors, he served as an instrumental ambassador of producer support and throughout his career has championed technological advancements in steel making and environmental leadership.
  • John Kulicki, P.E., Ph.D., chairman and chief executive officer of bridge engineering firm Modjeski and Masters, is the recipient of the J. Lloyd Kimbrough Award for his great achievements in bridge analysis and design. He’s led design and analysis work for numerous bridge projects including suspension, cable-stayed, long-span truss and arch bridges, and girder bridges. He supervised the design of such notable structures as the long-span Second Blue Water Bridge between Port Huron, Mich., and Point Edward, Ontario, winning a 1997 ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award and a Prize Bridge Award by NSBA in 2000.

The Lifetime Achievement Award gives special recognition to individuals who have provided outstanding service over a sustained period of years to AISC and the structural steel design/construction/academic community. This year’s award recipients are:

  • Tom Ferrell of Ferrell Engineering for his extensive contributions to the AISC Specification and
    Manual as a connection designer. Throughout his career he has generously shared the experience, expertise and lessons that he and his connection design company have learned for the greater benefit of the design community and steel construction industry.
  • Louis Geschwindner for his distinguished career of service to the design community, which tallies more than 40 years and has culminated in his continuing service as professor emeritus of architectural engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. Previously an AISC vice president, he was responsible for leading the development of the 2005 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings and the 13th Edition AISC Steel Construction Manual, as well as all other technical activities of the Institute. He continues to serve on the AISC Committee on Specifications and chair Task Committee 4, Member Design.
  • James Malley of Degenkolb Engineers for his decades of contribution and leadership on the AISC Specifications Task Committee on Seismic Design. He was a key figure in helping AISC meet the challenges that followed the Northridge Earthquake, and his technical contributions helped form the foundation for the continued usefulness and success of steel in seismic design.
  • Alexander Wilson, chair of the Steel Bridge Task Force, for his influence in the development of bridge materials specifications and the latest high-performance steel (HPS70W). He has served as this engineering generation’s key resource for metallurgical information on steel bridges and remains very active with NSBA members.

The Special Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated notable achievements in structural steel design, construction, research or education. It honors those who have made a positive and substantial impact on the structural steel design and construction industry. This year’s award recipients are:

  • Robert Conner, Ph.D., associate professor at Purdue University, for his work on fatigue and fracture of steel bridge structures. He rewrote the AREMA and AASHTO fatigue specifications, and his field measurements are the basis for the double cycle counts in the fatigue of orthotropic bridges.
  • Samuel Easterling, Ph.D., professor at Virginia Tech, for his research on composite construction and his contributions to AISC 360, Chapter I, Design of Composite Members.
  • Eric Hines of LeMessurier Consultants for his innovative use of long-span steel truss framing and cast connections for the Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown, Mass.
  • Keith Landwehr for his leadership in the AISC Certification Committee and significant contributions to quality certification, as well as his work on the 2010 AISC
    Specification including the development of Chapter N.
  • Jim McMinimee, principal engineer, JMC Consulting, L.C., for his leadership and innovation in steel framing solutions for a self-propelled modular transportation system.
  • John Parucki for his more than a decade of leadership and great work as National Head Judge for the ASCE/AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition.