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DD Construction achieves AC478 accreditation

The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) announced Lakewood Colo.-based DD Construction attained AC478 accreditation administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). DD Construction serves the Mountain West region which includes Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona and New Mexico.

AC478 accreditation for metal building assembler inspection is a standard to recognize metal building assemblers committed to excellence. Requirements for the accreditation include documented management systems, safety training, quality managers, OSHA training, documented safety plans, site-specific plans and other documentation.

Achieving AC478 accreditation demonstrates DD Construction has personnel, organization skills, experience, knowledge, management procedures and commitment to assemble metal buildings in accordance with code, specifications, costs and deadlines.

Art Hance, president at MBCEA said, “My congratulations to Justin and the team at DD. As I have said before, metal building contractors that join MBCEA set themselves apart from the competition. Those who seek and achieve IAS AC478 accreditation set themselves further apart by committing to an unparalleled level of safety and quality. DD is not only a leader in their geographic area, but in the industry overall and they join a growing number of MBCEA members to achieve AC478 accreditation.”

Justin Beall, owner and president at DD Construction, said, “I am very happy that MBCEA has put forth this accreditation to help differentiate the erectors that stand for safety, quality and integrity above everything else and as an entity that stands behind them.”

Beall is on MBCEA’s accreditation committee. “We look forward to continuing our accreditation throughout the coming years and being a light for other erection companies looking to join us on upholding the safety and integrity of metal building erection and the AC478 program,” Beall said. “We are thrilled to be IAS accredited and able to use this program to show our customers that we care about not only their project but about our employees and their safety and the safety of everyone around us.”