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McElroy Metal acquires Curveline and Met-Tile assets Bossier City, La.-based McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal

Bossier City, La.-based McElroy Metal has purchased select assets of Ontario, Calif-based Curveline and Met-Tile. In addition to manufacturing equipment, McElroy Metal also acquired the Curveline and Met-Tile company names.

Curveline specializes in the custom-curving of profiled metal panels. More specifically, Curveline’s “crimp-curving” process makes it possible to create a wide range of contours and shapes using a wide selection of metal panels. Once fabricated, curved metal panels are used to add accents and beauty to roofs, walls, fascias, decking and other components on new or renovation projects. McElroy Metal plans to operate Curveline as a separate entity and continue to provide third-party curving processes to the rollforming industry.

Met-Tile metal roofing systems simulate clay or concrete tile roofing products. Among the many advantages of Met-Tile include the product being lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. Met-Tile was first introduced into the marketplace in 1984.

“Curveline and Met-Tile are strong, well-established names in the metal construction industry. We are thrilled to have these companies operate under the McElroy Metal umbrella. With Curveline, we look forward to servicing the crimp-curved panel requirements of the rollforming industry and we believe Met-Tile will have strong appeal with our current customer base,” says Ian McElroy, president of McElroy Metal.