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Product Category Rules Document Now Available for Insulated Metal Panels, Metal Composite Panels and Metal Cladding

A new Product Category Rule (PCR) document, produced by UL Environment, Marietta, GA, that addresses three products – Insulated Metal Panels, Metal Composite Panels and Metal Cladding: Roof and Wall Panels – is now available from the Metal Construction Association. The 37-page “Product Category Rules for preparing an environmental product declaration (EPD) for Product Group: Insulated Metal Panels & Metal Composite Panels, and Metal Cladding: Roof and Wall Panels” is offered as a pdf document at no charge on the MCA website.

The purpose of the PCR is to: determine the product group specific rules for the development of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), calculate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and create the project report on the LCA. The PCR creates a common platform for communication of the life cycle impact assessment results and other salient environmental information for the three product groups. The information is intended to complement existing environmental impact metrics for existing certification schemes, procurement policies, etc.

The critical review of the PCR document was conducted by Thomas P. Gloria of Industrial Ecology Consultants, Newton, Mass.; Jamie Meil of Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, Ottawa, Ont. and Bob Zabcik of NCI Group, Houston, Tex.