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Steel Framing Industry Association Approves First Ever Certification Program for Cold-Formed Steel Connectors

The first ever industry program to independently certify that cold-formed steel (CFS) connectors consistently meet certain minimum manufacturing quality standards has been approved by the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA).

In CFS construction, connectors are galvanized steel straps, ties, or angles typically used to hold structural elements of a building together, such as connecting the top of a wall to the roof trusses or attaching walls to the foundation. Connectors are considered “structural elements” that play a crucial role in the design of modern buildings, and help ensure that buildings are safe even when subjected to high winds and seismic forces.

Manufacturers that participate in the SFIA program, titled
Manufacturing Compliance Certification Program, agree to comply with the program requirements that govern the materials used to produce the connectors, protection against corrosion, manufacturing tolerances, and marking requirements. A third-party administrator audits each manufacturing facility twice a year to ensure these standards are met. With the approval of this program, the SFIA is now beginning to invite and encourage all companies that manufacture CFS connectors to apply for the program, and has made participation in the program a membership requirement. Selection of the third-party administrator for this SFIA program is underway, with audits to begin in July 2013.