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Umicore becomes an industrial partner for the Centre for Resource Recovery and Recycling

Umicore, through its association with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, joined the new European arm of the Centre for Resource Recovery and Recycling (CR3). CR3 aims to be the premiere industry-university alliance dedicated to the sustainable stewardship of the world’s natural resources. The initiative develops and transfers technologies to industry with the goal of achieving materials sustainability from initial product design through manufacture to end-of-life disposal in a manner that yields both energy savings and profitability. As a key industrial partner, Umicore will play a role in bring its industrial experience and research expertise to add value to the efforts of the CR3.

Umicore offers a broad range of recycling services for technology metals such as precious metals and indium, selenium, tellurium, and is further developing an extension of its offering to other recyclable materials. Moreover it implements a closed-loop approach in its product activities, allowing the most effective use of raw materials and integrating recyclability aspects wherever possible.

The challenges the world faces can only be met through science based innovation. Therefore all research efforts, both fundamental and applied, will be necessary. Umicore is convinced that this can only be achieved through open innovation by the common effort of a network of engaged people inside and outside the company. Umicore’s Senior Vice President for Group R&D, Egbert Lox, comments: “We are excited to join this initiative. The exchange of knowledge and experiences between universities and industrial players will allow us to leverage our own expertise in this matter, to the benefit of all participants and the world.”