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Alcoa Architectural Products introduces Reynobond with EcoClean

Alcoa Architectural Products

A building that helps clean itself and eats smog? Sounds like something from a science fiction movie. But it's far from it. A team of more than 50 Alcoa scientists, determined to make that idea a reality, worked for more than four years to perfect an architectural coating with the ability to actively break down pollutants like smog and to covert them to simple compounds that wash away in the rain. The result: Reynobond with EcoClean powered by HYDROTECT, the first affordable coating that cleans itself and the air around it.

Working with the TOTO-patented HYDROTECT technology, Alcoa's scientists had a major breakthrough and created the first titanium dioxide finish that can be applied to a pre-painted metal surface with coil-coating equipment: the EcoClean coating. The titanium dioxide particles in EcoClean break down nitrogen oxides (NOx or smog) and other organic matter in the air near its surface while turning the face of the Reynobond panel into a super hydrophilic surface that's very slick in the presence of water. EcoClean technology helps to protect the planet naturally-drawing on sunlight, rainwater and other natural forces to help cleanse the environment of some of the most prolific organic materials and major contributors to air pollution such as nitrogen oxides. When it rains, even the slightest amount, EcoClean helps the building rinse away surface contaminants.

The EcoClean coating can be used with a broad palette of Reynobond paint colors and finishes. Bright Silver Metallic and other select finishes are already available with the EcoClean coating.