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Designs on the future: Metal building systems utilize design to expand into new markets

Far from a Quonset hut. Beyond a simple pole barn. More intricate than a traditional warehouse. The designs of pre-engineered metal buildings, now called metal building systems, have come a long way. While these metal buildings still deliver cost-effective, durable structures, today’s versions incorporate custom features, efficient insulation, contemporary aesthetics and flexible solutions for a wide array of uses and applications.

The metal building systems market incorporates architects and designers as an integral part of the production process, providing customized products that range from multi-story buildings to clearspan structures. Utilizing speed of completion, labor savings, sustainability and durability as its foundation, the metal building systems industry has added the value of customized designs that can be uniquely tailored to fit a broad array of specifications in the way of size, shape and accessories, while still serving its core markets of agricultural buildings, office buildings, hangars, schools, churches, recreational centers and community centers.

With that in mind, we present a snapshot of just some of the metal building systems designs in use today from manufacturers like Garco Building Systems, Metallic Building Company and Butler Manufacturing.