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Fabral Phase Change

Fabral's Phase Change is a high-performance energy saving material that absorbs and releases heat at pre-set temperatures. When these Phase Change materials are integrated into the wall and/or roof systems of a building, they absorb heat during the day and then release it at night. This makes the entire energy cycle more energy efficient. Less Kwh are used to heat and cool buildings while Phase Change material intelligently captures and releases otherwise wasted energy. Phase Change systems are installer friendly and can be integrated in both roofing and wall systems for new construction and retrofit applications. It is a high-performance, smart building technology ready to help you "go-green" efficiently, quickly and easily. Made from all natural products and 100 percent recyclable, Phase Change materials increase the comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings by reducing indoor temperature fluctuation; reducing need for heating and cooling; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; reducing overall energy use; and shifting energy usage away from peak demand.