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Feeney CableRail Quick Connect

Feeney Inc. presents its new line of CableRail swageless Quick-Connect cable hardware. Quick- Connect fittings attach to the cable by hand in the field without special tools. Special spring-loaded oneway jaws allow the end of the cable to easily slide into the fitting and then automatically grab and lock-on when the cable is pulled back. This simple locking-jaw design makes installation fast and easy, and if the installer makes a mistake, an easy-to-use release tool is available to open the jaws and release the cable to start over. These new fittings are designed for 1/8-inch diameter, 1x19 and 7x7 construction stainless cable and are made from high-quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel with a tumbled satin finish for weathertough durability, low maintenance and long-lasting beauty. In addition, the stainless steel contains over 70 percent recycled materials making for a friendlier eco-footprint.