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Lakefront home maintains historical aesthetics with sustainable metal roof

Erie EstateAfter three years of renovation on their home, the owners of a private residence in Erie, Pa., chose a metal roof to maintain the home's historical authenticity and charm. The home's location on the South Shore of Lake Erie dictated an attractive, durable new roofing material that would withstand heavy amounts of snow and ice, while holding up against heavy winds. Approximately 8,000 square feet of Follansbee W.Va.-based Follansbee Steel's KlassicKolors metal roofing in Patina was installed on the home.

Designed in the Greek Revival style, the central portion of the 14,000-square-foot home was originally built in 1929 and has a traditional Greek temple pediment and fluted columns. The new western and eastern wings, along with the new detached carriage house, mimic the traditional details and proportions of the original home, creating a uniform balance to the formal south façade that faces the street. The north façade has larger windows and multiple balconies to take advantage of the Lake Erie sunsets and views over Erie's Bay.

Often the first choice for historic applications, metal roofing can blend seamlessly with existing traditional materials while preserving the historic feel of many classic structures. Additionally, the low sheen of coatings applied to metal roofing can match the traditional terne metal roofs of old.

The low sheen of the new patina roof blends nicely with the waterfront home's existing white siding and black shutters, maintaining its traditional look and preserving its historic integrity. The roof also adds aesthetic appeal and color to the structure's surrounding greenery and white picket fence.

"The homeowners wanted to mimic the traditional Greek revival style in their home," explains Richard Wachter, architect and partner at Erie-based Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design. "Every detail and material that went into their home was researched and scrutinized to verify that it would be period appropriate. KlassicKolors was selected because the material resembled an authentic copper patina standing-seam roof."

Erie EstateWhen the homeowners decided to expand and renovate their home, one of the main reasons they chose metal roofing was because of its durability. Given the home's location on Lake Erie, a roof that could withstand long winters was important. By choosing metal, the homeowners have a roof that will last for decades, without the hassles and high costs of repairs or improvements.

Due to the roof's specially formulated alloys, specifically designed to withstand extreme weather, it will hold up under even the most severe snow, rain, hail and wind conditions. The pre-painted patina metal roof features a zinc/tin alloy coating that provides enhanced durability and extends the life of the metal for many years, even if the painted surface is breached. In a location like Erie that sees heavy snow each winter; metal roofing has been the choice of homeowners for years. It sheds snow fast, which protects the structural integrity of the roof. And it can eliminate ice damming at the eves, preventing water from backing up and collecting under the roof, ultimately leaking into the home. A metal roof also provides supreme protection and resilience against high winds, uplift and corrosion.

An energy-efficient roofing option, the color-coated metal roof is painted with highperformance solar reflective coatings to provide the solar reflectance value criteria for steep slope roofs, and the cost and energy-saving benefits of a "cool roof." The pre-painted material also contributes to a hassle-free installation process, since the metal panels do not require any further painting. By controlling the passage of solar radiation, metal roofing keeps the home warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer. Protective solar reflective coatings conserve energy, providing solar reflectance and heat-emitting properties resulting in reduced air-conditioning costs.

In addition to energy savings, the roof of the private residence offers other sustainable building elements. It was produced from metals containing a high percentage of recycled materials, and if the time should ever come to replace to replace the roof, it is 100 percent recyclable. Metal roofing is one of the top renovation-friendly materials that returns its value and is worth the investment.

Renovation on the home began in October 2006 and was completed in April 2009. Whipple-Allen Real Estate, Erie, was the contractor.

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