Perforated and Expanded Metals

Mesh, Perforated and Expanded Metals – September 2021

Mesh, perforated and expanded metals featured in Metal Construction News’ September 2021 issue.

Banker Wire

Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh pattern is a combination of round wire and flat wire, and can have two different metals or both stainless steel. When mixing alloys, the flat wire, or warp, must be stainless steel, and the round wire can be brass, bronze or copper.

Lorin Industries Inc.

Lorin’s circular perforated aluminum pattern 119 has 0.188-inch diameter round holes on a 60-degree stagger. Pattern 119 comes in anodized aluminum sheets and coils and a variety of colors and finishes. Lorin offers nine different standard circular perforated patterns.

Móz Designs

Móz Designs offers custom digital perforated metals. Custom hole patterns can imprint branding, images and other designs on perforated panels. Digital perforated designs are produced with solid-core 0.063-inch aluminum panels in 4-foot by 10-foot sheets to 1/4-inch thick. The perforated metals are used for walls, space dividers, ceilings and exterior applications.

New Metals Inc.

New Metals’ Steel Door Guard is an expanded metal, rigid steel mesh with small openings that provides security at doors and windows. It is difficult to cut quickly. Steel Door Guard also functions as an insect screen. There are three patterns: 1/8-inch #24 FXM, 1/8-inch #24 FXM Zig-zag and 1/8-inch #24 FXM Baroque. The expanded metal comes in aluminum, galvanized steel or carbon steel, and with a painted finish. Four sizes are available: 96-inch by 48-inch, 84-inch by 48-inch, 96-inch by 36-inch and 84-inch by 36-inch.

Spantek Expanded Metal

Spantek’s Zeus pattern from the Helios line of expanded metal is produced with wide strands that allow installers to drill through the material and attach to framing systems and structures. Zeus pattern is used for applications including storefronts, façades, infill panels and sunscreens. Expanded metal panels can be painted as well.

Wallner Expac Inc.

Wallner Expac’s Imperial expanded metal pattern is one of the company’s Decorative Patterns. Openings range from 1/4-inch to 3 inches. It can be used as ceilings and wall panels, façades, sunshades diffuser grilles. Tunable parameters include strand width and pitch, and open area percentage. Sheets are fabricated from aluminum, steel and other metals that can be painted or powder-coated.