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Metal Ceiling Systems - June 2018

Metal ceiling systems featured in Metal Construction News' June 2018 issue.

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ MetalWorks Blades Classics vertical panels create linear looks with sound absorption using standard items. Blades panels come with two end caps, one end cap, or no end caps; field-cut end caps facilitate installation on field-modified vertical panel lengths. MetalWorks Blades Classics are produced in three lengths: 24 inches, 48 inches and 96 inches. Nine standard colors including six Effects Wood Looks finishes are available.

Hunter Douglas Architectural’s Continuous Linear Grille metal ceilings provide interior and exterior spaces with clean, uninterrupted lines and high acoustical values. They have high noise reduction coefficient values to 1.05. Individual panels are 3 feet to 16 feet long, 2 inches wide, and 1 1/2 inches deep. In addition to custom colors, they are produced in a range of colors including natural, white, brushed aluminum, black and wood-veneer finishes. The metal ceilings are tested in accordance with ASTM C423 and ASTM E795 in a type E400 mounting.

Pinta Acoustic’s SQUARELINE metal ceiling tiles are available in three patterns: Standard, Medium and Ultra. Medium and Ultra have larger mesh patterns than Standard. The metal ceiling tiles are made from galvanized, powder-coated, expanded metal. They are offered in White, Chrome and Black metal. Optional acoustical backers come in White, Light Grey and Black. SQUARELINE metal ceiling tiles are compatible with standard 15/16-inch ceiling grid systems. They contain 35 to 55 percent recycled material.

Rockfon’s Planostile D metal ceiling panels are 2-foot by 2-foot and 2-foot by 4-foot, lay-in, dimensional panels. They are offered in a variety of depths and heights and with decorative perforations. The metal ceiling panels can be finished with painting, anodizing and woodgrain finishes. They are typically used with standard 9/16-inch suspension systems, and accommodate HVAC, lighting and other building system integrations. Planostile D metal ceiling panels may be acoustically enhanced with perforations in the metal and fiberglass acoustical pads.