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Metal Wall Panels - January 2019

Metal wall panels featured in Metal Construction News' January 2019 issue.

Fabral’s Silhouette HCF Series horizontal, concealed fastener panels are available in a range of profiles and configurations, including options for one to four ribs. An interlocking side-lap feature hides fasteners and is installed with or without clips to allow for thermal movement. Purlin spacing is a maximum of 4 feet on-center. The panels have a field curving minimum radius of 200 feet. HCF Series panels come 12 inches wide or 16 inches wide, and at a maximum length of 30 feet.

McElroy Metal’s Mega-Rib exposed fastener panels for roofs and walls have a rib spacing of 7.2 inches on-center. The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally; when horizontal, the panels have 1 1/2-inch deep ribs. On 24-gauge Galvalume, Mega-Rib panels can be coated in Kynar 500 PVDF colors. Other available substrates include 22-gauge Galvalume, 26-gauge Galvalume, 18-gauge Galvalume and 20-gauge Galvalume. Mega-Rib panels are installed on roofs with a minimum slope of 1:12, and tape sealant is required on all slopes.

Minarc’s mnmMOD structural insulated panels (SIPs) are produced with a blend of recycled steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Chases come pre-installed. The panels’ minimum R-value is R-4.7 per inch. Standard 6-inch panels are rated R-28. Thicker walls and denser polystyrene with higher R-values are also available. MnmMOD SIPs do not have any wood and contain 30 percent recycled content. They do not mold harbor termites, warp or support fire. The panels do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contain no dyes or formaldehyde, and are fully recyclable.

Petersen’s Flush wall panels have a rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system that improves the flush appearance and provides strength. Additionally, they are available with a reveal-style joint. Maximum panel length is 25 feet; minimum length is 4 feet. Flush panels are factory formed to length to minimize field cutting. They are used for walls, fascia and soffits to create a flush, or flat, appearance. On-center dimensions are offered to complement PAC-CLAD roof panels.