Metalforming Equipment

Metalforming Equipment – March 2018

Metalforming equipment featured in Metal Construction News’ March 2018 issue.

ASC Machine Tools Inc.

ASC Machine Tools’ Alpha Series Panel Rollforming Line has heavy-duty cast stands with cast bearing blocks and double-row ball bearings. Its electro-mechanical pre-cut shear is close-coupled to conserve floor space. An optional slitter pass and full belt conveyor allow the production of flat sheets and trim blanks directly from coil. The line is available with hydraulic post-cut shear. The roll forming line’s footprint can be approximately 37 to 42 feet long

Berridge Manufacturing Co.

Berridge’s Model CL-21 Portable Roll Former forms continuous-length, eave-to-ridge, straight Cee-Lock Panels in 24-gauge/22-gauge Galvalume and 0.032-inch aluminum. It features a side production design that eases operation. The roll former has a 2-horsepower electric motor (220-volt single-phase current) and can operate at 45 feet per minute. It is mounted on a heavy-duty, four-wheel table and is 146 inches long, 34 inches wide and 60 inches tall. An optional vinyl weather-seal can be applied during the roll forming process.

The Bradbury Group

Bradbury’s Rafted Double-High Patriot Line features a coil car/double mandrel un-coiler for staging multiple coil widths and colors for fast coil change. It produces standing seam profiles and building panel profiles, and has a felt underlayment applicator fixture for building panel profiles. The Patriot flying punch/notch/shear system allows inline punching/end-lap conditions for standing seam roof profiles. It also allows inline eave notching for standing seam profiles. Variable line speed goes to 200 feet per minute.

Englert Inc.

Englert’s Multi-Panel Roofing Machine is a portable roll former that forms multiple panel profiles by changing out its chrome-plated, steel, panel-forming rollers. Its panel-forming tooling is adjustable for panel widths from 12-24 inches. The roll former features 16 hydraulically powered, chain driven, cast polyurethane drive rollers. Drive and forming rollers help eliminate oil canning. It has adjustable flat rib rollers, electrically activated, hydraulic, adjustable, full-cycle shear, and expandable arbors mounted on dual overhead arbor racks.

ESE Machines Inc.

ESE Machines’ ESE K9 Power Seamer double-locks standing seam panels in one pass. It can be converted to single-lock with optional rolls. It is adjustable for heights from 1 inch to 1.5 inches and has a maximum gauge of 24-gauge steel. The ESE K9 Power Seamer works with steel, aluminum and copper, and with painted and unpainted material. It has a spring-loaded, swing-away handle, weighs 40 pounds and seams 30 feet per minute.

New Tech Machinery Corp.

New Tech Machinery’s SSQ Roof Panel Machine can produce 15 different panel profiles including trapezoidal, wall and soffit profiles. It runs on modular power, gas or electric, and can switch between the two. The SSQ Roof Panel Machine has polyurethane drive rollers, push-button run/jog controls at entry and exit ends and a power interruption safety circuit. It has hydraulic drive and shear, and a welded tubular, powder-coated frame. An optional remote control is offered.