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Reformulated Garland StressPly E High-Tensile Roofing Membrane even more eco-friendly

Garland's newest StressPly E bitumen membrane offers 500 pounds per force per inch of tensile strength a variety of post- and pre-consumer recyclable materials and rapidly renewable resources for increased sustainability. This high-strength, puncture and fatigue-resistant membrane makes an ideal waterproofing and reinforcement layer for applications demanding a high level of environmental responsibility.

In addition, the membranes can be installed using Garland's Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive for 100 percent VOC-free, odor-free application. As the robust weathering membrane in a multi-ply system, StressPly E membranes provide the security and longevity of multi-ply construction with the flexibility and elongation of an elastomeric system. StressPly membranes, which can be hot or cold applied, are designed for use as the top component in built-up roof applications demanding superior strength. They may also be used to add extra durability in a two-ply flashing system or to repair splits, cracks and other deteriorated areas in existing asphalt-based roofing systems.