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Roof Accessories and Snow Retention

Roof Accessories and Snow Retention - November 2017

Roof accessories and snow retention products featured in Metal Construction News' November 2017 issue.

Alpine SnowGuards’ PP145 Two- or Three-Pipe Snow Guards are installed by attaching them directly to roof decks with the company’s waterproofing system. Their brackets accept 1-inch outside diameter (OD) pipe in two- or three-pipe configurations. PP145 Two- or Three-Pipe Snow Guards are produced with recycled material and extensively tested.

Design Components’ Metalwalk rooftop walkway and safety handrail integrates with roof hatches to provide safe access. It has modular components allow for different widths and configurations. The walkway and handrail are produced with galvanized or Galvalume steel or aluminum. Metalwalk can be installed on R-panel roofs and there is an optional 4-inch-high toe board. The safety handrail is OSHA- and IBC-tested. The walkway and handrail can be installed on standing seam roofs with S-5!’s non-penetrating clamps. Additionally, optional powder-coat paint finishes and pitch corrections are offered.

Dynamic Fastener’s Dyna-Flash pipe flashings for metal roofs are designed for maximum resistance to all weather conditions. Their base is designed to mold to most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location. Pipe diameters can be seen clearly for proper fitting. Dyna-Flash pipe flashings can be used for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and hot stove pipes. They are made of EPDM and red and grey silicone. The pipe flashings are available in 12 colors.

LMCurbs’ DualGard snow retention system uses 1-inch DualPipe that can hold large accumulations of snow. It is installed with non-penetrating clamps and round-nose set screws. The continuous system has aluminum components and fits many standing seam profiles.

Roof Curb Systems Fast-Rac system mounts roof equipment including air conditioning condensers, mini splits, duct supports and utility shutoffs. It works with accessories less than 400 pounds on low-slope, standing seam metal roofs. The aluminum roof platform supports heavy condenser units. Fast-Rac system is installed with integrated utility clamps. No roof penetrations are required.

TRA Snow and Sun’s Snow Bracket H-Apex is a snow guard for metal roofs. It is available in electro-galvanized steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, mill finish copper and mill finish stainless steel. Snow Bracket H-Apex is 5.588 inches long by 1.188 inches wide by 3 inches high. It can be powder coated to match roof material colors.

Verscene’s Quarrix Smart Plug Roof Patch covers roof holes when converting from static vents to ridge ventilation and metal roofing systems. It may be used to cover old venting holes and help minimize the potential for call backs and roof inspection issues. Smart Plug Roof Patch is available in 8-inch and 12-inch square sizes to fit standard-sized holes left by box, slant-back and turbine static vents. It is made of 24-gauge galvanized steel and OSB sheeting, and is installed with a nail gun. Smart Plug Roof Patch has a 700-pound weight limit rating for overall roof integrity.