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Roof Curbs and Hatches

Roof Curbs, Vents, Hatches and Rainware - February 2019

Roof curbs, vents, hatches and rainware featured in Metal Construction News' February 2019 issue.

Englert’s LeafGuard gutters feature a top designed to allow only water to fall into the gutter bottom and shed leaves and other debris to the ground. The LeafGuard profile has a large gutter bottom covered by a rounded top. They are roll formed on job-sites with 0.032-aluminum in one piece. The gutters are painted on Englert's in-house paint line and offered in 12 colors: White, Eggshell, Cream, Wicker, Light Gray, Ivory, Tan, Clay, Territone, Brown, Musket and Gray. Additionally, rolls of aluminum gutter material, miters, downspouts, elbows, hanger clips and other accessories are available.

JL Industries’ Roof Hatch with Integrated Safety Railing is available with a chain or galvanized self-closing gate to protect the open side of the railing. It meets OSHA FR 29-1910.232 and CFR 29-1910.27 for safe egress and ingress through rooftop hatch openings with a single product. The insulated model RHG-STH galvanized roof hatch features permanent brackets to which the safety railing is mounted.

Metallic Products offers a line of roof curbs in 16-gauge Galvalume or 0.08-aluminum. Curbs can mesh with any metal roof panel and are made to match specified roof pitch, either single-slope or ridge-mounted. Curbs include crickets to divert water around the curb and are offered in custom powder-coated finishes to match existing color schemes.

PS Industries’ PS Access Solutions Sliding Roof Hatches are available with mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction. They can be manually operated or automated to interface with environmental control systems. The customizable, industrial roof hatches withstand high winds and snow loads. Functionally, the hatches are used for personnel access, building ventilation and controlling airflow, and moving large materials or equipment in and out of facilities.