Roof Underlayments

Roof Underlayments – December 2017

Roof underlayments featured in Metal Construction News’ December 2017 issue.

Drexel Metals Inc.

Drexel Metals’ Metshield Synthetic roof underlayment is a high-tensile strength, 40-mil, SBS-modified bitumen with a UV-resistant, anti-slip polyethylene woven top facer. It self-seals around roofing nails, screws and clips used to install the primary roof system. It has a skid-resistant surface for steep-slope applications. Metshield Synthetic underlayment may be used with metal, asphalt and slate shingles and tiles, and a variety of sloped roof materials. It may be used for commercial and residential applications using plastic cap fasteners and roofing nails (3/8-inch head).

DuPont Building Innovations

DuPont Building Innovations’ Tyvek Protec roof underlayment is a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under metal, asphalt, cedar or slate shingles and tiles. Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of grades: Tyvek Protec 120, Tyvek Protec 160 and Tyvek Protec 200. It is designed to lay flat, be wrinkle free and easy to chalk.

The Garland Co. Inc.

Garland’s R-Mer Seal is a self-adhering, high-temperature, metal roof underlayment and vapor barrier. Its rubberized asphalt adhesive forms a flexible, watertight seal. R-Mer Seal works on slopes 2:12 and higher. It has elongation capability and tensile strength to accommodate roof surface expansion and contraction. Cross-laminated polymer film provides a non-slip surface for installers.

MFM Building Products Corp.

MFM Building Products’ Ultra HT Wind and Water Seal is a 45-mil, self-adhering, waterproofing roof underlayment. It is made of a cross-laminated, non-slip polymer film laminated to a high-temperature, rubberized, asphalt adhesive. The roof underlayment comes in a 36-inch-wide, two-square roll. Ultra HT Wind and Water Seal is tested to ASTM D 1970 and Florida Building Code 16562; it is also Miami-Dade County approved.