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thermoite_insulated_panels In response to an increasing demand to help keep fabrication and installation costs at a minimum, Laminators Inc. is now making Thermolite insulated panels with panned edges available to the market.

Having Laminators create the metal-wrapped edges saves installers the time and hassle of panning the edges for typical curtainwall, or glass and glazing applications with 1-inch extrusions and molding systems. Panned edges are essential to the application in order to achieve the proper bond between panels. Based on the project's specifications, Laminators will custom cut and fabricate the metal edges, providing nstallation-ready panels to the jobsite.

Thermolite is an energy-savings panel constructed with an EPS or ISO foam core sandwiched between two corrugated, polyallomer stabilizers and finished aluminum sheets that provides increased insulating properties over glass. Thermolite is available in 4- or 5-foot widths and up to 12-foot lengths.