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1450 Chapin Ave. building, Burlingame, Calif.

Photo: Misha Bruk
Photo: Misha Bruk

MBH Architects completed the 1450 Chapin Ave. building renovation design with seismic upgrades, interior updates and a modern exterior skin. The 12,500-square-foot, industrial-style structure is illuminated by LED lighting and accented with zebra wood paneling, stone, custom glass rails and chandeliers. The original two-story structure was built in 1957 with cement plaster, single-paned aluminum windows and primarily wood framing.

Aluminum composite material (ACM) panels wrap the roofline to the ground at the street elevation; the metal architectural element was intended to tie the two-story building together. The roofline, second-floor canopy and entry were clad with ACM panels. Alumtile Inc. supplied 1,194 square feet of its AllBond Alumtile ACM panels with a coil-coated Kynar 500 finish for the entry canopy and an additional 694 square feet at the roof parapet. The ACM was specified in 6-mm for areas that could potentially be walked for window washing and other reasons, while 4-mm ACM was used everywhere else.

Old windows were replaced with larger, doublepaned, aluminum, energy-efficient windows. Decorative aluminum louvers were installed to protect windows from sunshine.

Rowe Fenestration Inc. supplied 862 square feet of The Airolite Co. LLC's louvers with a Mica Pearlescent Bright Silver AL222 finish. The sun control system has 8-inch fan blades at 20 degrees; blades weigh 2.172-pound per linear foot.

Additionally, Arcadia Inc. supplied 2,633 square feet of its 2-inch by 4 1/2-inch AG45IT Series Thermal Broken Storefront Framing and Center Glazed System with a Class 1 Clear Anodized finish.

The exterior skin was constructed with zinc and ACM paneling, an aluminum-and-glass wall system and cement plaster. RHEINZINK America Inc. supplied 352 square feet of its 22-gauge, 17-inch by 34- inch, 1/8-inch-thick Flat Lock tile zinc cladding system with a pre-weathered Blue Grey finish.

Additionally, RHEINZINK zinc panels enclose the lobby staircase. Zinc shingles were modulated to reflect the concrete masonry unit (CMU) pattern in the original lobby.

HVAC and electrical systems were replaced with more effective and energy-efficient systems, and the R-value of the roof insulation was increased. The $850,000 project was completed in June 2014.

Owner: Dewey Land Co., San Mateo, Calif.
General contractor: OPI Commercial Builders, San Jose, Calif.
Architect: MBH Architects, Alameda, Calif.
Louver supplier: Rowe Fenestration Inc., Sacramento, Calif.
Aluminum composite material panel installer: Pacific Glazing Contractors, Morgan Hill, Calif.
Zinc installer: Wildcat Metals, San Jose, Calif.
Aluminum composite material panels: Alumtile Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., (408) 988-950059
Louvers: The Airolite Co. LLC, Schofield, Wis.,
Storefront: Arcadia Inc., Vernon, Calif.,
Zinc wall panels: RHEINZINK America Inc., Woburn, Mass.,