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1500 N. Peach Ave. Building, Fresno, Calif.

A building constructed at 1500 N. Peach Ave. for a seat-belt manufacturing facility was renovated with a metal roof. The existing roof system was removed and replaced with structural steel frames supporting Type B steel roof deck placed on steel joists. Verco Decking Inc. supplied the roof deck and Vulcraft/Verco Group, a division of Nucor, supplied the steel joists.

Brooks Ransom Associates, the architecture firm for the project, met with representatives of the City of Fresno and discussed how to reuse the building and the existing structural elements. The original column spacing of 20 feet on-center was changed to a more leasable 40 feet on-center. The original height of the building's wall was 25 feet above the finished floor and the finished structure extends 32 feet above the finished floor. This provided a higher clear height in the building. Brooks Ransom Associates received a 2014 NuHeights Design Awards from Vulcraft/ Verco Group.

Architect: Brooks Ransom Associates, Fresno
Roof deck: Verco Decking Inc., Phoenix,
Steel joists: Vulcraft/Verco Group, a division of Nucor, Charlotte, N.C.,