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18th Street Self Storage, Norfolk, Va.

Mapes Architectural Canopies Inc. supplied 830 square feet of its Lumishade canopies with drainage in rear gutters for this project. There is one canopy with a 5-foot projection by 10 feet wide, and three with a 10-foot projection and 26 feet wide. Finished in the beginning of 2009, the canopies feature Mapes' 8-inch "J" style fascia in White Baked Enamel. The canopies include a 5-year warranty on workmanship and material.


18trh St18th St 2


Developer: Towne Development Corp.,Virginia Beach, Va.

Architect: G.M. Frech & Associates, Virginia Beach

Canopies: Mapes Architectural Canopies Inc., Lincoln, Neb.,