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Air Terminal Facility, Arlington Municipal Airport, Arlington, Texas

The airport's new air terminal facility obtained LEED Gold status and also won the prestigious "2011 Reliever Airport Facility of the Year" from the Texas Department of Transportation. With a 40
percent increase in jet traffic over the past year, the new facility relieved the main Dallas-Fort Worth
Airport and jet traffic associated with the 2011 Super Bowl, the 2010 Cotton Bowl and the Major League Baseball World Series.

The project utilized Berridge Manufacturing Co.'s Champagne Curved Zee-Lock Standing Seam roof
system and L-Panels as fascia panels. The installer, Cleburne Sheet Metal, also installed its Elite 2400
Series Aluminum Composite Material panels in Vancouver Copper and its Elite Series 300 Sunshade
Systems in Silver Aluminum. Additionally, Firestone Building Products Co.'s Ultraply TPO membrane with
a white surface was used for the flat roof.

General contractor: AUI Contractors LLC,
Fort Worth, Texas
Architect: PGAL,
ACM panels, sunshades and installer: Cleburne
Sheet Metal, Fort Worth,,
Metal roof and wall panels: Berridge
Manufacturing Co., San Antonio,
TPO membrane: Firestone Building Products
Co., Indianapolis,,

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