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Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) fire station, Grand Island, Neb.

Photo: Anthony Pingel, Chief Construction

To replace a 2,900-square-foot facility built in 1965, a metal building system with a slanted roof was built for an aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) fire station at Central Nebraska Regional Airport.

Challenges during the project included addressing the water table and a minimal build time. Features include helical piers, a command center, Toxalert gas monitoring system and generator.

Chief Construction erected the 6,138-square-foot ARFF fire station with a metal building system from Chief Buildings. It has a 31-foot, 3-inch high eave.

The used Thermal Design Inc.’s Simple Saver System. To insulate walls, Advanced Architectural Products’ (A2P) SMARTci continuous insulation system was installed.