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Anthropolgie, New Orleans


A specialty retailer that offers a distinct assortment of women's apparel, accessories, home furnishings and decorative accessories, Anthropologie's new store capitalizes on an aesthetic that is modern and eclectic with hints of traditional elements. Its sturdy wooden and steel staircase with sweeping steel cabling suspension system serves as a fittingly eye-catching centerpiece.

Completed in July 2010, Ronstan Tensile Architecture's ACS1 sleek steel cable assemblies
descend from the ceiling rafters to create a display reminiscent of a loom, a design that speaks to
the store's fabric wares. The cables fan outward from the ceiling amidst pendant light fixtures and
cascade through a circular wooden cutout in the second floor. Finally, the cables rest into the steel
stair railings in clean, parallel lines, serving as polished infill. The system's unique design offers
a striking juxtaposition of shapes, colors, textures and materials in a way that manages to unify-
rather than separate-the facility's two floors.

"We admire the project's uncommon design, and we're very proud of the way our system facilitates
that vision," says Scot West, president of Ronstan's U.S. operations.

Functionally, the cabling system upholds the heavy wooden and steel staircase. This system was chosen because the tension provides enough durable support to eliminate the need for underside
beams, freeing up valuable retail space. Additionally, the system's cables are installed taut enough
to prevent patrons from pulling or disturbing them in any way-an important consideration for hightraffic retail facilities.

The compact adjusters used in the installation feature an elegant design that is both sleek and
compact in appearance. The end fittings are fully adjustable and have fully concealed threads and
recessed clevis pins that are tightly secured with
circlips. They are high strength, corrosion resistant, and can be adjusted and tensioned at up to 25
percent of the break load rating of the wire.

"The system installed well and the mechanisms worked smoothly," says Bobby Armitage,
field superintendant at the installer, Johnston Products of Dallas Inc. "Ronstan was very accommodating during the installation phase, and so we were able to finish in adequate time. The end result was very nice, and we're proud to say that the project has received a lot of compliments

Owner: Urban Outfitters Inc., Philadelphia

Architect: Phillips Partnership, Atlanta

Installer: Johnston Products of Dallas Inc., Cedar Hill, Texas

Cable system: Ronstan Tensile Architecture, Portsmouth, R.I.,