Office & Mixed-Use

Apples Way, Lincoln, Neb.

Completed in June 2009, the project features a metal canopy from Mapes Architectural Canopies Inc. There is a 4-foot (1-m) projection corner unit canopy with 22-foot (7-m) legs, in addition to 8-foot (2-m) projection by 20-foot (6-m) long canopies with taper. The canopies also have 2 3/4-inch (70-mm) extruded decking and an 8-inch (203-mm) G style fascia. The 968-square-foot (90-m2) canopy is powder-coated in Interstate Blue.

Architect: Erickson Sullivan, Lincoln
Installer: Glass Edge, Lincoln
Metal canopy: Mapes ArchitecturalCanopies Inc., Lincoln, Neb.,