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Barn, Chester County, Pa.

The countryside of Chester County is about as breathtaking as you can get. Tucked in this small river valley is a unique building that might pull your attention away from the surrounding nature—a functional barn with a design like no other.

“I actually sat down and sketched out this barn while meeting with the owner,” said Simeon Stoltzfus of White Horse Construction. Stoltzfus operates the design-build company with his brother, Chris, and they pride themselves as the best barn builders in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Stoltzfus explained that the owner was looking to replace an existing barn that housed steer. The owner wanted a new barn to accommodate horses and ponies with a running area for the steer. White Horse Construction met that goal and added an equipment and hay storage area.

Stoltzfus said he specifies metal roofing on a regular basis. He often does so by telling customers to look at local schools, banks and stores and note what roofs they use. He explains to customers that if these institutions are willing to invest in the superior, long-lasting quality of metal roofing, they should explore the option, as well. Stoltzfus added that an upgrade to 24-gauge steel standing-seam roofing— like the roof on this barn—happens when customers want the best for their property.

This barn features the 1 1/2-inch (38-mm) SSR panel in Antique Bronze from Fabral. About 4,100 square feet (380 m2) of the concealed fastener system panel was installed. Its narrow batten seams offer aesthetic elegance, while its clips provide ease of installation and thermal movement. The dealer was Rigid ply Rafters Inc.

“A substantial part of Fabral’s focus is on agricultural projects like this one,” said Daisy Lilley, marketing manager for Fabral. “But as you can see, Fabral’s products—no matter if it’s roofing, wall panels or accessories—turn a functional barn or agricultural facility into a design worth noticing. We at Fabral thought this project was so noteworthy that it was named the 2010 Fabral Project of the Year in the agricultural category.”

When asked why Stotzfus chose a metal roof, he said, “It’s the best roofing out there.” He believes this particular profile improves the look of the barn. Overall, the roof gives Chester County residents and visitors something more than rolling hills and countryside to pore over—though those are nice, too.

Installer: White Horse Construction, Parkesburg, Pa.
Dealer: Rigidply Rafters Inc., Richland, Pa.
Metal roof panels: Fabral, Lancaster, Pa.,