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Bellswoods, Franklin, Tenn.

Photo: David Massengill, Nashville, Tenn.
Photo: David Massengill, Nashville, Tenn.

Steven Ginn Architects LLC designed Bellswoods, a private residence, with a sloped metal roof articulated for efficient energy use and high-level detail and aesthetics. Steven Ginn, principal at Steven Ginn Architects, says the roof is articulated to incorporate rigid foam insulation over interior spaces and omit insulation at two porches on the east and west sides and numerous overhangs. "One reason was to keep the roof edge narrow and slim," he says. "You'll see that [the roof] steps up, it bumps up where the heated and cooled spaces are; there's an edge around it."

It is a simple, sloped, shed-style roof, Ginn says. Shed-style roofs are common on agricultural buildings in the hilly, central Tennessee woodlands. "But the one thing that happens on it that's interesting is that if you look on the south edge, all the water drains to one point on the roof," Ginn says. The roof's narrow edge directs water off it. "We created the slope that you need for the gutters by extending the roof at the middle, and so the roof is shorter at the ends and longer in the middle to facilitate natural drainage," he adds.

Don Kennedy Roofing Co. Inc. installed 7,000 square feet of Englert Inc.'s Series 1500 1 1/2-inch Architectural Snap-Lock Panel System in Permacolor 3500 Slate Gray for the 5,800-square-foot project, which was completed in 2016. Don Kennedy Roofing rollformed the Energy Star cool roof panels on the job site. Metro Roofing and Metal Supply Inc. fabricated and Don Kennedy Roofing installed metal gutters with Englert's material.

Don Kennedy Roofing also installed Gutter Covers International LLC's Leaf Terminator gutter guards. Welding Unlimited Inc. fabricated and installed steel components to support stainless steel chains in place of downspouts. The chains direct water into an underground cistern covered by a wood platform, where it is stored to water plants and trees on the property. The roof was specified in a light color to avoid the heat island effect. "Really what it's about, it's about making it comfortable for the inhabitants with the least amount of power possible," Ginn says.

Additional metal applications included structural steel, handrails and railing cabling. Welding Unlimited fabricated and installed structural steel, most of which is exposed, and steel handrails. The structural steel was painted on the job site with Tnemec Co. Inc.'s paint. The south façade features exposed structural steel. Internal structural steel suspends a loft area from the ceiling. Welding Unlimited also installed Johnson Marine and Supplies Inc.'s stainless steel cabling and connections in the railings.

Xelica LLC fabricated and installed operable windows, clerestory windows and exterior doors for the project. All the windows and doors were clad with copper on the exterior. The project received the 2016 Metal Architecture Design Award in the metal roofing category.

Owners: David and Diane Bell, Franklin
Architect: Steven Ginn Architects LLC, Omaha, Neb.
General contractor: David Bell, Franklin
Installer: Don Kennedy Roofing Co. Inc., Nashville, Tenn.
Fabricator: Metro Roofing and Metal Supply Co. Inc., Nashville,
Fabricator/steel: Welding Unlimited Inc., Franklin,
Gutter guards: Gutter Covers International LLC, Batavia, Ohio,
Metal roof panels: Englert Inc., Perth Amboy, N.J.,
Paint: Tnemec Co. Inc., Kansas City, Mo.,
Steel cabling/connections: Johnson Marine and Supplies Inc., Ontario, Calif.,
Windows: Xelica LLC, Nashville,