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Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) South Tower, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Photo courtesy of Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Inc.
Photo courtesy of Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Inc.

Ismael Leyva Architects and Ten Arquitectos designed Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) South tower with metal building products to complement the aesthetics of an adjacent masonry, clock tower building. The 32-story, 537,000-square-foot building is on a 50,000-square-foot lot.

Multiple facets, forward- and back-tilt slopes meet at apex points on the east and west elevations. Floor slab edges follow the enclosure’s faceted geometry which, in turn, required cold-formed steel framing to be fabricated on the same faceted slopes.

On the exterior, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Inc. fabricated and installed 190,000 square feet with more than 600 panels of Arconic Architectural Products LLC’s 4-mm FR Reynobond metal composite material panels (MCM) in Colorweld 500XL Bright Silver Metallic. MCM was also used on balconies at the north and south elevations, and on a bulkhead.

Panel-to-panel joints required extrusions adjusted for exterior wall slopes to ensure weathertight installation. Instead of double-caulk joints, the panel-to-panel joints have gaskets. Astro Shapes LLC supplied its aluminum extrusions for gasket joints and MCM panel attachment. Lauren Manufacturing Co. supplied its gaskets.

Windows were installed plumb, regardless of exterior wall slopes. Skyline Windows LLC fabricated punched windows, and Eastern Exterior Wall Systems installed the windows in large panels in its shop.

At the top roof level, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems built a panelized screen wall and parapet with Hendrick Architectural Products Inc.’s perforated aluminum plate. Spectrum Metal Finishing Inc. post-painted the perforated aluminum.

At the podium, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems installed Technical Glass Products’ crystalline glass. Additionally, AM Architectural Metal and Glass Inc. installed Roschmann Group’s storefront system.

Four theater box volumes project from the east elevation above the podium. The theater boxes are wrapped in two-tone aluminum fins, supplied by Extruded Aluminum Corp., post-painted Spectrum Metal Finishing Inc. and installed by Eastern Exterior Wall Systems.

Arrow Steel Window Corp. installed Graham Architectural Products Corp.’s window walls on the balconies and theaters. Also at the balconies, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems installed Krando Metal Products Inc.’s guardrails and some miscellaneous metals.

At various locations on the building, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems installed Greenheck Fan Corp.’s louvers. The project was completed in August 2017.