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Brown Helicopter Hangar, Pensacola, Fla.

The building is a 12,000-square-foot helicopter hangar with dimensions of 100 feet by 120 feet and a 21-foot eave height. The hangar door is a 75-by- 22-foot single-piece Tip Up Canopy door manufactured by Door Engineering and Manufacturing. The rest of the building consists of Behlen Building Systems' EagleBeam system that was used to create the 16-inch Kynar-coated, arched standing seam roof. EagleBeam is a three-plate beam design that features a unique trapezoidally-shaped web, which provides greater stability. The walls are Behlen's ADP-1 wall panels.

Owner: Brown Helicopter, Pensacola

General contractor: O'Neil Construction, Pensacola

Hangar door: Door Engineering and Manufacturing, Kasota, Minn.,

Metal building system: Behlen Building Systems, Columbus, Neb.,

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