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Cambridge Pavers facility, South Amboy, NJ

Photo: Chad Jackson, Courtesy of Butler Manufacturing

One building, four units; that’s how RT Consulting and Engineering Inc. designed Cambridge Pavers’ 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The engineering firm used Butler Manufacturing’s metal building system for the project.

Star Brothers Contractors Inc. erected the building in three main units: a batching unit, production unit and kiln unit. The fourth unit is a compressor room. A three-hour, pre-cast concrete firewall, 159 feet long by 45 feet tall, separates the production and kiln areas.

The facility houses large paving stone manufacturing equipment, which altered construction sequence. Some equipment was installed first, and the Butler Building was constructed around it. Also, to accommodate the equipment, the facility has 80-foot-tall silos that extend 30 feet above the 50-foottall building. There are conveyors, mixers, batching equipment and racking.

Robert Toedter, PLS, PE, MASCE, of RT Consulting and Engineering, says, “While the quality design, materials of construction and fabrication of Butler pre-engineered building systems was well known to the project team and has always been our first choice in such building systems, the breadth of products, fabrication alternatives, and design flexibility available for incorporation into the project made the process of design and detailing expedient and seamless.”

The roof has multiple elevations. Star Brothers installed Butler’s 24-gauge MR-24 and CMR-24 metal roof panels. At the walls, Star Brothers installed Butler’s 26-gauge BRII metal wall panels and 2-inch-thick TextureWall insulated metal panels (IMPs) with Texture-Cote finish.