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Carl N. Platou Emergency Center, Edina, Minn.

Photo: Joe Brennan, Phalanx StudiosHGA Architects & Engineers designed an expansion for Carl N. Platou Emergency Center at Fairview Southdale Hospital with curtainwall, a metal roof and several types of metal wall panels.

Knutson Construction and HGA Architects worked with MG McGrath Inc. (MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces) to fabricate and install the metal panel systems. MG McGrath installed three sizes of Dri-Design's metal wall panels in two colors. Dri-Design supplied 12,000 square feet of its metal wall panels in West Pewter Mica with a Kynar finish and 6,000 square feet of its metal wall panels in English Garden with a Kynar finish for the 65,000-square-foot project, which was completed in August 2015. Many panels were installed on radius walls. HGA Architects specified the English Garden panels to create a dynamic design that shifts colors at various viewing angles.

MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces installed Z-furring, hat channel and 18,000 square feet of Dow Building Solutions' THERMAX insulation behind the Dri-Design's panels. It also installed custom 1/8-inch clear anodized aluminum trim around the windows.

MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces installed 3,200 square feet of 3A Composites USA Inc.'s 4-mm Alucobond Composite Soffit Panels in West Pewter Mica with a Kynar finish at the building's two entry canopies. The metal soffit panels were on a radius and welded together.

MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces shot points on the concrete with a total station to measure what was built. The points were transferred to Revit to create a model before sending the metal soffit panels to fabrication.

MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces fabricated and installed Dri-Design's 0.04-aluminum custom standing seam roof system over insulation, adjustable Z-furring and plywood at the radius light box above the building's front curtainwall, which was supplied by Kawneer Co. Inc. and installed by MG McGrath Architectural Glass and Glazing.

Fairview Southdale Hospital's emergency care center was originally designed to serve 30,000 patient visits per year; it served about 45,000 in 2012. The $42 million construction project expanded the emergency room so it can serve more than 70,000 patient visits per year. The facility houses 42 patient rooms, which are twice the size of the former patient rooms. Carl N. Platou, the emergency center's namesake, was the hospital's president who led its development in 1965.

Owner: Fairview Health Services, Minneapolis
General contractor: Knutson Construction, Minneapolis,
Architect: HGA Architects & Engineers, Minneapolis,
Curtainwall installer: MG McGrath Architectural Glass and Glazing, Maplewood, Minn.,
Curtainwall: Kawneer Co. Inc., Norcross, Ga.,
Fabricator/installer/metal roof panels: MG McGrath Inc. (MG McGrath Architectural Surfaces), Maplewood,
Insulation: Dow Building Solutions, Midland, Mich.,
Metal roof panels/metal wall panels: Alucobond by 3A Composites USA Inc., Davidson, N.C.,, and Dri-Design, Holland, Mich.,

Photo: Joe Brennan, Phalanx Studios