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Caroma Business Center, Olive Branch, Miss.

Photo courtesy of LMK Building Designs and Utley Properties
Photo courtesy of LMK Building Designs and Utley Properties

The creation of Caroma Business Center began with demolishing four of six industrial buildings on a large site. The remaining two existing structures were retrofitted with many components. Using the existing two buildings’ primary and secondary steel and the foundation reduced construction costs and schedule duration.

The existing buildings were constructed in the 1970s and zoned for industrial use; the completed project is zoned for light commercial use. One building is 100 feet wide (two modules, each 50 feet wide) by 200 feet long with a 19-foot, 8-inch eave. The second building has an 80-foot-wide clear span, is 200 feet long, and also has a 19-foot, 8-inch eave. Together, the two office buildings house 36,000 square feet.

Structural components consisted of new wall and roof rod bracing, portal frames, purlin reinforcing lap members, wind beams to support interior and exterior walls, and rooftop unit support beams. Additionally, one additional purlin run was installed between the first 5-foot spaced purlin on each eave up from the exterior and interior gutters. Stephen Shearer, PE, of LMK Building Designs Inc., the consulting engineer and building product dealer for the project, says, “Going closer than 5 feet at the first eave purlin keeps the roof panel from flattening out and ponding water where fasteners are. It's also inexpensive to add this purlin.”

Exterior walls consisted of full-height concrete masonry units for 175 feet of each sidewall, and the rear endwalls. Brick veneer on the front endwalls form a parapet above the rake. One 25-foot sidewall bay of each building also has brick veneer. Pinnacle Structures Inc. manufactured all of the structural components.

The project included a standing seam roof system, roof curbs and a custom aluminum valley gutter. With LMK Building Designs’ supervision, McElco Inc. installed 36,000 square feet of Varco Pruden Building’s 24-gauge SSR standing seam roof system in Kynar Egyptian White. The roof is insulated with 6-inch-thick, R-19 batt insulation.

McElco installed RCS–Roof Curb Systems’ aluminum roof curbs, which are insulated pan-to-pan curb and shingled on the Trac Rail support system. McElco also installed RCS–Roof Curb Systems’ custom valley gutter. The valley gutter has field-welded joints, and no interior downspouts. To ensure water does not infiltrate the gutter joints, McElco applied ITW Polymers Coatings North America’s ERSystems Polyurethane 300 finish coating to the field-welded aluminum joints.

Stormwater drains to two ends of the valley gutter into 12-inch square aluminum downspouts with custom end-pieces with overflow scuppers. To reduce cost, LMK Building Designs eliminated interior drains. One end of the valley gutter runs through a parapet wall; the other end goes through a standard rake condition. The valley gutter is insulated with rigid board underneath.