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Carriage storage buildings at Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island, N.Y.

Photo: Naho Kubota
Photo: Naho Kubota

Rice+Lipka Architects designed three carriage storage buildings at Historic Richmond Town to house historic carriages and provide spaces for carriage restoration, exhibit viewing, events and maintenance equipment. The three storage buildings are oriented around a central access hub. They are also positioned to delineate exterior event spaces at the northeast, northwest and west sides of the site.

Rice+Lipka Architects also planned site work for the project, which was completed with minimal disruptions to the existing grade. As much as possible, existing trees were preserved and engaged by the design as part of the exterior event spaces. Additionally, porous surfaces are maximized including at the central access hub. A retention system was installed below ground.

The three storage buildings have the same width and height: 35 feet wide by 15 feet high. One is 128 feet long, another is 104 feet long, and the third one is 88 feet long. They total 11,300 square feet.

P&K Contracting Inc. constructed the structures and shells with SteelMaster Buildings LLC’s S-Model metal building systems. In total, 159 arches were used. The arches are made of grade 50, heavy-gauge Galvalume Plus steel with a clear, organic resin, AZ 180 Galvalume coating. The arches are connected with double-bolt, 9-inch lap seams.

For end-walls, P&K Contracting installed 4,000 square feet of Bamco Inc.’s 1/8-inch, 3003-H14 alloy aluminum plate panels with Tiger Drylac USA Inc.’s powdercoating in Orange, Red and Magenta. Including site work, the project was completed in February 2018.