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Cobalt Stables, Kansas City, Kan.

Urban Prairie Architectural designed a private residence connected to a horse arena and stables with four buildings. The 25,432-square-foot Cobalt Stables project consists of one large, clear-span metal building surrounded by three smaller buildings. The footprint is cross-shaped, with the owner’s private residence in front-center, two horse stables at its sides, and an enclosed equestrian arena extending out back.

The living space in the middle is two stories. It’s 36 feet wide by 71 feet long and has 5,112 square feet. The two horse stables are wings on either side of the house. Each has 2,160 square feet.

On three buildings, the house and two horse stables, Weigel Construction Inc. installed approximately 6,700 square feet of Star Building Systems’ PBR metal wall panels in Slate Gray. The walls of the stables are framed with 2-inch by 6-inch wood studs to 10 feet above the slab. Above 10 feet, there’s steel framing. For daylighting in the stables, Weigel Construction installed Star Building Systems’ Light Transmitting Panels on the walls below the eaves.

To insulate the house and stables, 5 inches of open-cell spray insulation was applied in the roof and walls of the living space, and in the stable walls. In the stable roofs, insulation was sandwiched between the decking and Star Building Systems’ liner panels.

For the roofs on the house and stables, composition shingles were installed on plywood deck, which was attached to Star Building Systems’ purlins. Additionally, a radiant heat system was incorporated in the floor slabs.

The horse arena is 80 feet wide by 200 feet long by 17 feet tall. For its roof, Weigel Construction installed Star Building Systems’ 26-gauge PBR panels in Snow White. For the horse arena’s walls, Weigel Construction installed Star Building Systems’ 26-gauge PBR panels in Slate Gray.

The horse arena is insulated and heated by a series of 2-inch gas pipe radiant heaters that run down the long sides of the building a few feet below the ceiling. Light Transmitting Panels were installed along the sidewalls at 10 feet above the slab.

Completed in December 2016, Cobalt Stables received Star Building Systems’ 2016 Builder’s Choice Master Builder Award.