Colorado State University’s CoBank Center for Agricultural Education, Fort Collins, Colo.

Photo: John Clark, Fort Collins, Colo.

A metal building system, standing seam roof, metal wall panels and a mezzanine were utilized in the construction of Colorado State University’s CoBank Center for Agricultural Education. The 15,508-square-foot facility has a 24-foot-high eave.

Heath Steel LLC, general contractor and erector for the project, installed 15,000 square feet of Chief Buildings’ MVP standing seam roof system in Emerald Green and Chief Buildings’ AP metal wall panels in Emerald Green. Heath Steel insulated the roof and walls with Thermal Design Inc.’s Simple Saver System insulation. Additionally, the company installed S-5!’s ColorGard snow retention system.

CoBank Center for Agricultural Education houses a laboratory, teaching space, community gathering space, exhibit space and office space. The erected steel was completed for $499,000, and construction was completed in January 2016.